Al-fresco Kitchens







As the days get longer, and the air starts to feel a little warmer, we all start feeling  the little glimmers of excitement for the summer which lies just around the corner. With the prospect of long warm evenings ahead, we inevitably look to the outdoors for inspiration. What better way to spend the summer evenings than dining alfresco with friends and enjoying beautiful weather while taking in a pretty view. 







With this in mind, I turn to the outdoor kitchen, a place of relaxed cooking, mouth-watering smells and the inevitable envy of all the neighbours in a half mile radius. Cooking outside is a welcome change from the usual routine, and it’s just as easy to cook in an outdoor kitchen as it is in an indoor one. Whether you are happy with a burger popped on the BBQ, or you fancy getting stuck in and creating your very own homage to the Mediterranean with a fully integrated outdoor kitchen, there is an option to suit all aspirations and budgets. Outdoor spaces such as patios, balconies, terraces and decks are all extensions of our homes to be used for relaxation and enjoyment. With some proper space planning and landscaping you can turn even the smallest area into a gorgeous retreat, allowing the summer season to transform the way we use our home. 






Once you have planned your space, and your outdoor kitchen has taken shape, all that is left is to revel in the sweet juicy flavour of a tomato plucked straight from the vine, don a pair of stylish shorts, breathe in the sweet scent of fresh basil, bare some shoulder and get all your friend over to enjoy al-fresco dining in the exotic setting of your back garden. With the summer evenings creating the perfect backdrop to a glorious evening cooking in the open air, the garden is your canvas. 






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