Weekend DIY Projects

Here at HQ we are feeling the sun on our faces every chance we can get. Whilst we have been enjoying a busy week in the office, with the weekend ahead we cannot wait to be outside enjoying the warm spring air. For us, this will involve digging out some old fabrics, and raiding the craft draw to get creative, which will be accompanied by a cold glass of something white.

One of my favourite things about summer time is waking up early to a room full of soft morning sunlight. Now that we are heading to warmer evenings and early light, it is a good time to swap the winter window treatment with lighter, brighter curtains.

With this in mind we are taking a look at simple and inspiring things to do this weekend.Here are some great ideas on DIY textile projects.


These gorgeous DIY scarves are inspired by a traditional Japanese textile. This method would look great scaled up and applied to a length of muslin to create simple sheer curtains

sparklepantsgirl.com shamrock

For those of you looking for a bit more of a challenge, this pretty work corner has been given a skandinavian spring twist.


Or for some subtle painted pots, look at this beautifully simple step by step guide to update your garden. I can’t wait to do this tomorrow, for a muti-coloured herb garden ready for the summer!


So get crafting, and Happy Friday!

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